How To Enjoy Oktoberfest (A Quick Guide)


Oktoberfest is an annual event in Germany where tourists around the world enjoy the best-tasting beer in the most satisfying way. Since beer is one of the most infamous beverages on Earth, it is basically behind water and tea. Fortunately, beer enthusiasts are not the only people allowed to enjoy Oktoberfest because kids and their families are welcome too. There are a lot of entertaining events throughout the festival. Although drinking beer is the main event of the Oktoberfest, the three-week celebration can mean so much more.

There are things to know before going to the event. Without this basic knowledge, old and new attendees might not enjoy the occasion very much. To get the full experience of Oktoberfest, one must first know the things on our list.

How Much Beer To Drink During Oktoberfest

The beers served during Oktoberfest are stronger than regular beers. They pack such a kick that too much intake may result in a lot of things, even memory loss. Therefore, one must understand the importance of knowing when is the time to cut off from drinking beer at the festival.

According to a famous organizer of the event, two mass beers or two liters of beer is the best measure for typical attendees. Though people differ in their alcohol content tolerance, most of them can handle this much alcohol and can still function appropriately. That’s an assurance to enjoy other activities like singing and dancing without passing out.

However, for some others, going for three liters is approaching borderline drunkenness. Though it’s reasonably what’s going to happen, there’s no stopping people from consuming more beers more than what they can handle. As a result, they roll over, sleep, and get wasted due to too much alcohol. So for a friendly suggestion to get a great optimal experience, it is much better to stick to two liters of beer during the festival.


Beer Drinking Is Not The Only Event During Oktoberfest

If people needed a quick break from alcohol, around the beer tents are unlimited rides and carnivals that they can enjoy. There are even special shows that they can watch on a timely basis. There’s also a costume riflemen’s parade during the opening weekend of Oktoberfest. It’s a parade of seven thousand costume performers who welcome the start of the festivities. There are also musicians, dancers, and farmyard animals that perform during the opening celebration. If the weather is good, the performance of 400 musicians in an open field also takes place.

Attendees Must Know When The Stores Close During The Celebration

The beer serving hours usually start from 10 am to 10:30 pm every weekday. However, drinking begins early during weekends since stores tend to open at 9 am and close around 10:30 pm. During closing hours, the band typically stops playing, and waitresses clean the table. From there, attendees are required to go out of the tent at around 10:50 pm.

It Is Highly Recommended To Dress Up, Though It’s Not A Requirement.

If you don’t dress up you might feel left out since almost everyone in the event is dressed up in Bavarian attires. Majority of the partygoers will be in costumes because it is part of the whole cultural experience. Locals and tourists around the world will don the famous Tracht (traditional German garments). But if ever attendees don’t want to dress up, it will still be okay.

There’s no denying that Oktoberfest is one the most fun and exciting events in Germany. Not only do people travel just to get there, but they also want to experience the fascinating culture of the country.

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