The Beers Of Oktoberfest


Germany gives the yearly beer celebration too much importance because it is the largest beer festival known to people since the 18th century. That’s why people from different countries find it amusing to attend their Oktoberfest. It is an event where people not only from Germany gather together to celebrate, eat, dress up, sing, dance, and chug beers for three whole weeks.

Not all kinds of beer are allowed during this celebration. According to German tradition, the whole event only serves original Munich beers. These beers must follow the Bavarian Purity requirements.


Augustiner – Augustiner-Brau is the oldest independent brewery in Munich, Germany. The establishment was in the year 1328 within an Augustinian Monastery. Due to its ancient origin, the Augustiner’s first feature in Oktoberfest is somehow unknown. However, the earliest record of an Augustiner joining in Oktoberfest is on a picture dating from 1867. But even so, as one of the oldest breweries, it is preferably one of the best-tasting beers. That’s because Augustiner is still using wooden barrels in storing their original brewed alcoholic beverage. They are the only brewery that pours their beer directly from a wooden barrel. An authentic Augustiner beer served during Oktoberfest has 6 percent alcohol and can be purchased in an Augustiner-Festzelt.

Hofbräu – The Royal Brewery in Munich is also the local brewery in Germany, which is owned by the Bavarian State Government. It owns a massive tent on the Oktoberfest event. According to history, the name “Hof” comes from a royal brewery in the Kingdom of Bavaria. In 1589, Wilhelm V. who founded Hofbrau developed a beer garden that is still very famous up to this day. The Hofbraukeller beer garden of Hofbrau is one of the most beautiful beer gardens in Munich that continuously claims the country’s tourist attraction. The beer sold by Hofbrau during the Oktoberfest is the strongest one with 6.3 percent of alcohol content.

Hacker Pschorr – It is a brewery in Munich Germany established in 1972. It may not sound too old for other beers, but it is indeed a product of the merger of Hacker (founded in around 1417) and Pschorr. The Hacker brewery was the leading brewery in Munich during the 18th century. The beers sold by HackerPschorr during the Oktoberfest have an alcohol content of 5.8 percent. Considerably, it is the lightest beer offered during the festival.

Paulaner – The Paulaner is a German brewery established in 1634. The Minim Friars of Neudeck ob der Au cloisters are the founding fathers of the brewing company. At first, its beer was only available to the public for holiday seasons. However today, it now serves beer lovers anytime they want. It ranks 6th among the bestselling beers in Germany. The alcohol content of Paulaner sold in Oktoberfest is at 6 percent.

Löwenbräu – The Lowenbrau which also means “lion brew” in German is a middle size company in which became the biggest brewery during the 19th century. The tent of the Lowenbrau during the Oktoberfest can be easily spotted since it has its famous gigantic mechanical lion placed on the top of the tent. The alcohol content of Lowenbrau is at 6.1 percent.

Spaten – The brewery was founded in the year 1397 and is one of the oldest breweries in Munich. The logo of the brewery showcases a spade with the initials of Gabriel Sedlmayr. The Spaten beer has an alcohol content of 5.9 percent. Though it is one of least among the favorite, its taste still gives beer-lovers the satisfaction.


During Oktoberfest, millions of people gather inside crowded tents to enjoy a mass or even a liter of authentic brewed beer made in Germany alone. Each tent has a unique way of brewing where they set a standard on each beer to have significant taste, blend, and aroma that people can choose from.

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