Oktoberfest 2018 World’s Largest Beer Festival

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One of the traditional alcoholic beverages in the entire world is beer. It is one of the world’s top three famous drinks after water and tea. With that, it is well established that the Germans celebrate beer more than anyone in the world. The Germans always have a strong affection for the favorite brewed drink and believe that it is a significant part of their culture as a country. That is why once a year they celebrate the biggest beer festival in the world we now know as Oktoberfest.

A lot of people from all over the world visit Germany and join the celebration of Oktoberfest. They believe that the three-week festival in Munich will become one of the largest and massive celebrations of all. It is their time to settle their days and nights partying with family, friends, and strangers as well as spending all their money on beers and pretzels while dancing under a giant tent.

According to a local reporter, there are more non-Germans than Germans celebrating the Oktoberfest. This fact is very peculiar since Oktoberfest is such a grand event for the Germans.  But since beer is not only exclusive in Germany, some countries extend their desire to celebrate the festivity. Germany only ranks third in Europe when it comes to per-capita in beer consumption. The country is actually behind Austria and Czech Republic. Nevertheless, the Oktoberfest in Germany is still the most famous beer event in the world.

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What’s With Oktoberfest?

The Oktoberfest is as much for tourists as it is for the native Munchner or German. During the entire course of the three-week celebration, there are reportedly more than 7 million people that attend the event with only an accommodation of 14 giant tents and 20 regular ones. That’s a lot of people in a very small area. It is greatly advised for tourist to delay the visit to Munich during this time of year because the place gets undoubtedly flooded with people from all over the world. Event goers are advised to wake up early if they wanted a chance inside one of those tents because clearly, not everyone can be accommodated with the absurd number of people during the event. Parades will be everywhere during the Three-week event. Oktoberfest is known for its colorful booths along with its drunken participants, which make the whole celebration better and unique. Traditional costume parades are also present, and locals and devoted beer enthusiasts attend it.

The 2nd Weekend

The second weekend of the German beer event is commonly known as the Italian weekend. During this time, Italians come down to Munich and enjoy the festivities themselves. A lot of Italians and other tourists participate in the celebration. However, depending on their preference, people might avoid this second week due to the added crowded situation from the beginning of the holiday.

The Wiesn

People from Munich actually call Oktoberfest as Wiesn. It is the local term for the event. Although Oktoberfest is the widely popular name, Germans tend to stick with their culture. It is relevant to point out that there are certain traditions that follow during this event and tourists are advised to participate. They must know significant traditions to avoid upsetting the locals. One of the famous traditions is the singing of EinProsit. During Oktoberfest, the EinProsit is played every 20 minutes and commonly ends with everyone chugging their beers in unity.

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The Oktoberfest is a very pricey event. Accommodations and travel cost are above expectations during the entire three weeks of celebration. However, the participants of this event are expected to be more than willing to spend a fortune merely to experience the most extensive beer event in the world.

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