Best Beer Festivals In Germany


A lot of people all over the world love beer. But do you know that the origin of beer is traceable back to Germany? Yes, it is where beer is one of the most popular beverages in the country. The Germans love beer so much that it became a significant part of their culture, hence the creation of the Oktoberfest.

It is well-established that Oktoberfest is the largest beer festival not only in Germany but also in some parts of the world. However, attending the festival can be very expensive. Luckily, there are still some alternatives to enjoy Oktoberfest on a budget, though I have to admit, it will still cost a lot. If you are very attracted to celebrating beer festivals in Germany, here are some of the best beer parties held there.

Oktoberfest – It is the largest and the most popular beer festival in the world that can last for three whole weeks. During the Oktoberfest, the event goers wear Bavarian theme costumes. It somehow adds a twist on the celebration. There are classic German delicacies served in the tent, partnered with a glass or bottle of cold beer, accompanied with rustic music from the local bands performing on stage. The Oktoberfest is kicked off with a grand parade.


Stuttgart Beer Festival – Second to Oktoberfest is the Stuttgart beer festival. It is also a popular brew festival in Germany that most people look forward to attending. King Wilhelm founded the festival in 1818. He started the festival as a symbol of the end of the terrible German famine. The celebration features a gigantic open market that families with kids can enjoy. The fair in the festival ground features a lot of fun rides and special events that all ages can enjoy. The whole affair gets flooded with beer, 70 brands to be exact. That’s a lot of choices for a beer enthusiast.

Frühlingfest – The Frühlingfest in Munich Germany or most commonly known as the spring festival is a mini version of Oktoberfest. That’s because it was held on the same ground of Oktoberfest in the Theresienwiese (open space in Munich). It is the origin place of Oktoberfest according to history. The festival features traditional polka bands, a fair with fun rides, festive music, and lots and lots of beer. Beer tents are also visible during the event. It is not as grand as the beer tents of the Oktoberfest though, but it’s a lot more economical.

Freimarkt – The Bremen Freimarkt is the oldest fair in Germany and is scheduled after the Oktoberfest. So for those people who can’t come and enjoy Oktoberfest, they can still have the option to celebrate drinking authentic German beer in Germany during the Freimarkt. The Old classic event happened in 1035. Although it is somehow a traditional festival, it still draws approximately 4 million people from Northern Germany. The Freimarkt features carnivals, street parties, and a massive beer festivity.

Schützenfest – The Schützenfest is the world’s largest celebration for marksmen and beer that is celebrated every July in Germany. It is an event that started in 1529 where it welcomes around 5,000 marksmen. The celebration features a marksmen parade, six beer tents, carnivals, and floats. The festival can draw approximately 1.5 million spectators per year.

Gaubodenvolksfest – The first celebration of the agricultural festival Gaubodenvolksfest was in 1812. It is a ten-day festival in August that features a Bavarian parade that showcases traditional German costumes, horse carriage rides, and a wide variety of beers as well.


Next time you want to celebrate beer festivals, you can always count on Germany. They surely have enough activities to offer, not to mention tons of beers that you can enjoy.


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