Booze And Beers At The 2015 Atlanta Brewery Annual Festival

Beer was overflowing at the 2015 Atlanta Brewery Annual Festival. There was an energetic crowd that graced the grounds of Atlanta. There were 40 beer brand options to choose from and those who wanted to party late at night stayed and had a combination of beer and wine and cocktail.



Beer festivals in Atlanta are among the best and most visited in the United States. If you want to experience the fun and taste the delicious beer in Atlanta, join in any of the best reservoirs in the house.

Anyway, here are details on when and where to enjoy the beer and the outdoor ambiance.

Brookhaven Beerfest. Last October was the sixth year that is Beerfest was made public. Organizers offered over 200 beer choices and several food options so that people won’t need to go out of the vicinity to buy food.

Alpharetta Craft Beer Festival And 5K. Atlanta practically worships beer! More than 100 craft beer vendors join the fest and then go for the 5k run through downtown Alpharetta. After the run, the participants are rewarded with a race shirt and free beer.

The Great Atlanta Beer Festival. Also one of the bigger beer events in Atlanta held in Turner Field Stadium.

Oktoberfest. Reliving Germany’s Oktoberfest with their own celebration of Oktoberfest. Delicious German beers with polka music and dancing. One of the highlights is ordering Das Boot, beer served in large glass boots, from King Ludwig’s Biergarten. The festival runs from September 10 through 18, takes a break, and then returns on the 22nd to commence at the end of the month.



Strong Beer Festival. Hosted by the Wrecking Bar Brewpub, the event showcases extremely high gravity beers with 8 percent alcohol content. These beers are usually not for sale to the public.

Fill in your calendars for next year’s beer festivals and fill your year with a big beer bang!