6 Best Moscow Mule Recipes To Share With Friends And Family

Moscow mule is a type of cocktail drink that friends and members of the family can enjoy. It was invented in the early 1940s by John A. Morgan of The Cock and Bull restaurant in Hollywood, Rudolph Kunett of Pierre Smirnoff, and John G. Martin, the owner of the G.F. Heublein Brothers, Incorporated. Its first production occurred in Chatham Hotel, New York as a result of the trio’s experimentation when they have mixed their primary products – ginger beer and vodka – with a lemon. Success has come to them since the initial taste test, and the beverage has been introduced to a lot of bars and clubs in the United States afterward.

Nevertheless, Moscow mule’s story does not merely end with a happily ever after. Meaning, not all consumers felt contented with the classic blend of the drink, considering they have come up with various additional ingredients to enhance its flavor.

Below are the six best Moscow mule recipes.

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Mint Mule

The #1 concoction on the list has mint in it. Similar with any beverage or food that consists of this herb, it adds a refreshing flavor to the drink.


70 mL of vodka
70 mL of ginger beer
30 mL of lime extract
20 mL of maple syrup
Mint ice cubes


Start by preparing the mint ice cubes. While boiling a cup of water, chop a handful of fresh mint leaves and combine with a ¼ cup of sugar. Once you have the hot water, drop the dry mixture into it and don’t stop mixing until all the sugar granules are gone. Allow this flavor to combine with the water before you strain it and pour onto the ice tray.

When the mint ice cubes are ready, get them from the fridge and add to the liquid blend. Once the ice melts, the distinct taste of the herb will also fuse into the drink.

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Pear Mule

Liking beverages with alcohol do not mean that you cannot look after your well-being. Since every individual on the planet requires a high amount of fiber in their diet, there is a variation of this cocktail that can aid you with that – the pear mule. Among the nutrients one can obtain from the fruit are vitamins B, K, and C, which are responsible for strengthening your immune and nervous systems.


150 mL of ginger beer
30 mL of vodka
15 mL of lime extract
¼ ripened pear


Dice the pear finely to let most of its juices out. After that, pour in the lime extract, vodka, and five pieces of ice. You may or may not remove the crushed pear when you serve the beverage to add extra texture to it.

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Healthy Mule

Some of the best Moscow mule recipes sometimes have ingredients which you may only expect to see in a garden salad or on your face, helping you rejuvenate your skin. A great example of that is the healthy mule, which contains cucumber and berries of your choice (read further here: verywellfamily and bounty)


100 mL of ginger beer
60 mL of vodka
20 mL of lime extract
10 mL of water
5 rounded cuts of cucumber
20 mL of crushed blueberries (or any berry)


Thinly slice the cucumber before letting it sit with the crushed berries at the bottom of a shaker. This way, their juices will infuse with the other ingredients longer. Add the remaining liquids, shake the container for a few seconds, and then use a filter to get rid of the solid pieces when you are ready to pour it in a mug.

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Honeydew Mule

Many look forward to summer not because they all like to be sweaty, but because it is the time when they can devour their favorite tropical fruits. However, if you want to try consuming honeydew differently, why don’t you follow this recipe to make a mule?


100 mL of ginger beer
1 cup of honeydew (diced)
20 mL of vodka
10 mL of lemon juice


Crush the honeydew squares in a container, then dispense the vodka, the lemon juice, and the ginger beer.

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Apple Cider Mule

In recent years, apple cider has been proving that it is a superfood that can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as body fats. You may include it to your meals or drink it directly. Furthermore, you can use it to create an apple cider mule.


80 mL of vodka
40 mL of apple cider
20 mL of ginger beer
10 mL of lime juice
Dash of cinnamon powder (optional)


Prepare your cocktail by combining apple cider, vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer (in that order). If you are not satisfied with the hint of spice that the ginger brings, feel free to add a dash of cinnamon. Stir everything well.

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Festive Mule

When the holiday season is being discussed, the Festive mule should not be far from your mind. You see, it can bring you back to those days when you get to wake up to the smell of freshly cooked omelet and pancakes and have nothing else to do but wait for the foods to be ready. The sweetness of this beverage can remind you as well of the happiest moments in your life.


30 mL of vodka
70 mL of ginger beer
15 mL of sweetened cranberry juice
Slices of cranberry fruit


Mix the juice with the vodka before pouring the blending them with the ginger beer. Add the cranberry slices last.


Follow the drinking tradition in your family, but do not hesitate to make several changes to the ingredients that will suit your palate. Cheers!

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