What You Need To Know About COVID-19 And Alcohol Consumption

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As we face this Coronavirus pandemic, countries across the globe should take action to cease the continuous spread of the virus. In these devastating times, all of us must be aware of other health factors and hazards to help us keep ourselves healthy and COVID-free.

This article provides essential details that everyone must know about the relation between the virus and alcohol consumption. It provides evidence to correct the misinformation that is going around in social media that drinking alcohol helps fight against getting contaminated.

The Body And Alcohol

Ethanol is the ingredient in alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, and other spirits is what’s responsible for most of the harmful effects that come from consuming these types of beverages. Sadly, other dangerous substances that are not ethanol but may smell like it can also be mixed into some drinks that are formulated illegally, or they can present as alcoholic beverages but are harmful for human consumption. An example of this is hand sanitizer, which has small amounts of methanol, a lethal substance that can cause blindness or kidney failure when ingested. There are sources from different media platforms claiming that consuming alcoholic beverages somehow protects coronavirus.

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Here is some very important information that you need to know in relation to this belief.

  • Alcohol produces short and long-term effects on a person’s vital organs. Generally, there is evidence suggesting that there is no such thing as a ‘safe limit.’ In fact, the likelihood of your body organs getting damaged increases with each bottle of beer or wine that you consume.
  • Drinking alcohol, even in small doses but when done regularly, has been known to cause specific forms of cancer.
  • Alcohol consumption, especially when done heavily and frequently, decreases the body’s capacity to protect itself against disease, as it weakens one’s immune system.
  • Heavy alcohol consumption may lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is one of the most advanced conditions of COVID-19.
  • In pregnancy, alcohol poses a high risk for the unborn child.

Myths About Alcohol Consumption In Relation To COVID-19

Examples of alcohol are displayed during a drinking responsibly event April 13, 2018, at the Landings on Dover Air Force Base, Del. The Airmen Committed to Excellence Council provides Airmen with opportunities to network, lead and step out of their comfort zone. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Matt Davis)

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Myth: Drinking alcohol will destroy the virus.

Fact: No, it doesn’t. Consuming it regularly increases one’s health risk, especially if he is infected with the virus.

Myth: Hard drinks can effectively disinfect a person’s skin, and it does not affect within the system when consumed.

Fact: Alcohol consumption does not in any way destroy the virus surrounding the air. It does not offer disinfection to the throat or mouth, and it does not provide any immunity against COVID-19.

Myth: Alcohol, such as herbal alcohol, builds resistance, and strengthens the immune system.

Fact: Regular drinking of beer, wine, and other spirits has damaging effects on one’s immune system and does not provide any resistance to the virus.

Dos And Don’ts During The Pandemic

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  • Don’t drink alcohol so that you don’t compromise your immune system and your family.
  • Don’t risk the health of other people.
  • Do stay sober. It is the best way to be active, keen, and to maintain a sound mind, especially in decision-making.
  • Don’t be a headache to the family and the community. Instead, do what is asked of you so that you won’t be somebody’s burden.
  • In case you drink, do keep it to a minimum to avoid intoxication.
  • Don’t drink alcohol to the point of getting drunk. When one is drunk, he tends to do other harmful things like smoking, which is one of the dangerous risk factors for COVID-19.
  • If you are a smoker, don’t smoke indoors where the family is. You are only causing them more risk to be weakened. If possible, stop smoking.
  • Do practice proper hygiene. Be a role model to your family and your community as well.




Beer Industry Trends To Watch Out For This 2020

The 2019 Brewer Convention did not fail to give the exclusives on the beer industry. In fact, it also tackled unique topics such as the ergonomics in brewing and the chemistry behind this field. However, one lecture that stood out was about the beer industry trends you to watch out for this 2020. Let’s take a look at these trends one by one. 

Alternative Beer Beverages

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Breweries that only focus on brewing beer are a thing of the past. Now, customers fill their taps with the latest delicious beers alongside craft coffee beans, bubbly hard seltzers, and fruity kombucha flavors. These are a few low-calorie or non-alcoholic drinks that are considered winners for health-conscious drinkers.

Emergence Of CBD Beers
Legal cannabis is becoming a trend across America, and something interesting that comes with it is CBD beers. Basically, CBD beers are made using non-psychotropic components sourced from cannabis plants. Several experts revealed that you should treat this as supplements, such as vitamins, because of its medicinal front. Keep in mind, however, that you won’t get high with this drink.

Brewing Through AI
Technology is playing a significant role in our lives today. It is becoming more accessible, more efficient, and more sophisticated. Because of technology’s dynamic nature, beer companies are starting to incorporate the services of AIs into their production process.

However, do take note that this does not mean that these computers are involved from the start to finish of the brewing process — they are not. Human brewmasters still take control. Mainly, the AI’s responsibility is to evaluate the ingredients and recipes and use these findings to create better beers.

Creation Of Experiential Taprooms

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Taprooms are starting to evolve nowadays. Nobody walks into a beer place awestruck by the monochromatic menu boards or its relaxing ambiance. In fact, more and more taprooms are transitioning their spaces into something more interactive and full of knick-knacks and architectural pieces. Some places have transformed their quiet pubs into an accented room with countless video screens and open taps.

These are just some of the trends to watch out for in the beer industry this 2020. It must be exciting, especially if you are a beer enthusiast or your business involves beer. Consumer preference is also continually changing, so who knows, maybe we’ll see more emerging trends later this year!