Things To Do In Munich During Oktoberfest (Stress Reliever)


Germany’s Oktoberfest is well known as the largest beer festival in the world. However, there’s more to it than beer drinking traditions. Besides the flooding of authentic German beer during the whole duration of the event, there are also special events, a variety of good food, parade and more fun activities that people can enjoy. Here are the lists of stress-relieving attractions that people can expect during the Oktoberfest.

Lots Of Beer Tents 

Since beer is the major attraction of the whole event, beer tents are on the number one spot. There are several large and small tents available in the location, and each one of them has its way of brewing beer. The large tents can hold about seven to ten thousand people. But take note, beer is not the only thing that can be purchased inside the tent because people can find a variety of delicious classic foods in there as well. People can enjoy both chugging beer and eating Bavarian delicacies

There are 11 tents during the event, and one of the newer tents is called Marstall. Although it’s new, its popularity rose up in an instant. That’s because of its variety of traditional beers and food. Not all that, it is accompanied by a band playing on an outstanding carousel stage where it changes the atmosphere of the tent and fields it with rustic music that enlightens every individual’s senses. On the other hand, one of the older tents called Augustiner-Festhalle is well known as the friendliest tent. The waitresses here are full of smiles even though they get rigorously flooded with a lot of tasks.


Oktoberfest Parade 

One of the major attractions of the Oktoberfest is its parade. The opening parade of the event features the different breweries and landlords roaming in the streets. Traditional style floats and carriages accompany it. A lot of traditional costumes get showcased during the parade, and thousands of musicians gather to play on an open field for the welcoming of the celebration. Typical tourist and not just the beer enthusiasts can enjoy this event. Food carriages are also available. It serves classical German delicacies and a lot more. Since it is a parade, everyone can participate. Though it’s not compulsory, it is much recommended to dress up during the event.

The OideWiesn

Located on the southern part of the Oktoberfest area is its calmer vibe-side OideWiesn, the place where everything happened. The location is filled with vintage costumes, entertaining decorations and 20th-century fun rides that can be enjoyed by kids and adult alike. Also inside the area is the Museum-tent which shows the tourists the eventful history of how Oktoberfest originated. The vicinity of OideWiesn offers two Beer tents which entirely serve great food.


Family Day

Believe it or not, Oktoberfest is also a family event. Although the majority of its attraction is the alcoholic beverages, the whole festival still covers fun and entertaining activities that can also be great for families. The festival grounds are covered with fun rides that are kid-friendly. Even the beer tents offered family shows that can be attractive for children, younger youths, and party goers.

The English Garden

The atmosphere of Oktoberfest is sometimes suffocating due to the noise, drinking and crowded surrounding. So if people want to take a quick break from all the overpowered fun, the English garden is the best option. It is one of the world’s biggest open parks.

Although it is well established that the main attraction of the event is the endless chugging of beer, people know that the three-week celebration is still capable of providing fun and exciting entertainment for all.