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Image of Beerfest girl with steins of beer BeerfestUK   For the very best in German beer festivals in the UK for 2017

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Traditional German foods will be available from sizzling char grilled bratwurst sausage, to mouth watering pretzels, and many other delicious foods provided by our caterers. Menus will vary.


Our Wines

Sensible drinking

Traditional Foods

We will have house red and white wines available for those who can only manage a sip of the fine beers

Soft drinks for the drivers and non drinkers are available

“All drinks are waiter served to the tables”

Please note “Buy What You Need Not What You Want”.  We do not refund tokens purchased at the door. We suggest that you buy between £16-20 worth of tokens initially as you can always buy more on the night.

We never run out of beer!  However we may run out of one type but experiencing other fine beers is all part of the beerfest fun. Terms and Conditions Apply

Unless otherwise specified drinks must be purchased by buying tokens at the venue.

TOKEN = £4.00

1 Stein (2pints)

= x2 Tokens

How to Buy Your Drinks and Food

All drinks except Jagermeister and food are purchased by buying Tokens at the door. You exchange tokens for drinks with the waitering staff at the table. We do not serve at the bar!

beer stein

One pint of beer = One Token (£4). We serve the beer in our traditional German beer ‘steins’ which hold two pints. So one stein (two pints) = Two Tokens (£8)

A glass of wine (20cl)

One Token


A pint of soft drink

One Token


A shot of jager

Cash only


Food (or merchandise)  is for cash only and prices vary from £3-£5 for bratwurst, pretzels etc

Beer and Wine Token Prices

people drinking bitburger beer

Bitburger Pils 4.8% (ABV)

Note first the bright, fresh golden colour and rich frothy head so typical of this elegant Pilsner beer. Its refined herbal notes are delicately poised, followed by a nutty and honeyed aftertaste. The overall impression of this gently sparkling beer is one of deep harmony, with the unmistakable bitterness of the hops balanced and contained by an agreeable, mellow sweetness in the body.

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Our beers for 2017

Additionally we want you to enjoy the event safely, showing respect to other guest, so please sit so the mädchens can serve you, no standing on the tables and benches please (UK rules), and drink slowly and sensibly so that you can enjoy the whole event for yourself, your friends and everyone else. If you want to get an ID card then apply here for a citizen card.

Bitburger has teamed up with BeerfestUK  to bring you Germany’s premier draft beers…. Image of stein of beer and a burger

Sensible drinking is the key to an

enjoyable event.