How Too Much Alcohol Destroys Your Body And Mind – Ask A Doctor And Psychologist


There is nothing wrong with a glass of wine for dinner or having a great time with your friends and a few beers. This is tolerable, but the problem is that alcohol slowly affects our whole body, we may not see changes, but eventually, there will be – you can ask your doctor and psychologist about it.

Some people are shocked to find out that they have a disease that was caused by drinking too much alcohol in the past and now they cannot do anything about it but to have faith that they may be cured. If we are all just careful enough and have the right knowledge about the impact of drinking excessively, then we can prevent these things from happening to us. Let us know more about how overdrinking of alcohol will destroy our body and mind.

“Psychologically speaking, alcoholism has less to do with “how much” someone is drinking, and more to do with what happens when they drink.” –Cynthia Mascott, LMHC

Digestion Issues

Too much alcohol consumption can create an abnormal function of the digestive enzymes in our pancreas. This buildup then causes inflammation, which will develop into more serious illnesses if not prevented.

Inflamed Organs

The liver can only handle enough alcohol so that it can be broken down. Too much consumption can affect your liver, causing it to be inflamed. Then, it cannot function properly, and toxins will not be adequately filtered, causing you more severe diseases.

Unstable Glucose Levels

The pancreas is also responsible for keeping your sugar level balanced. If your pancreas and liver do not function properly, you either experience low blood glucose level or high blood sugar that are both severe cases.


Central Nervous System Affected

Do you ever experience that you cannot talk or walk straight and you mostly cannot remember what happened when you got too drunk? This is because your central nervous system is being affected by alcohol and it may seem fine after the hangover’s gone, but too much drinking slowly affects your frontal lobe that is responsible for how you think with clarity and how you make the right decisions. This can lead to chronic diseases of the brain.

“Recognizing the signs and symptoms of alcoholism may be the first step to overcoming it.” –Dr. Howard Samuels, PsyD.

Addictive Behavior

A lot of people who have regularly been drinking cannot last a day without alcohol. Thy uses this to be able to relax or sleep, and it can lead to addiction. When this situation happens, you will require the assistance of a mental health expert, probably a psychiatrist or a psychologist (through BetterHelp, for starters) in getting sober. Professional help is costly and can be time-consuming, not to mention the withdrawals that will happen to you if you cannot control yourself now.

Chronic Cardiovascular Diseases

Alcohol consumption affects the heart and lungs, and over time, this will lead to heart diseases and other chronic illnesses of the heart and lungs. Women who drink are more prone to developing heart-related diseases than men.

Diminished Sexual Health

Drinking alcohol before intercourse will not make it more fun but go in a different direction. Men who over consume alcohol can have erectile dysfunction because it reduces the production of sex hormones and lessens your libido.

Women who are heavy drinkers will not have their regular menstruation, and this will affect their fertility — also drinking while pregnant can cause premature delivery, miscarriages, and stillbirth.

Skeletal And Muscle System Deficient

Drinking alcohol for an extended period can lead to your bones from being fragile and brittle. It can then lead to fractures if you slip and fall. Muscles are also affected by alcohol, and people could experience cramps, muscle weakness, and lead to atrophy.


Weak Immune System

Heavy drinking can prevent your body from fighting off bacteria and virus naturally. This can lead to serious cases like tuberculosis and pneumonia that can be life-threatening. Also, drinking alcohol can increase the risk of having certain kinds of cancer, including mouth cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer.

Drinking alcoholic beverages can be one way for us to let out all the stress and enjoy one night without worrying about anything. It is fun to hang out and drink beer and have the time of our lives. But now that we know the effects of drinking too much alcohol, we can now limit ourselves when we are out and enjoying time with friends. There is nothing wrong with a bottle of beer or two or drinking a glass of wine with dinner, but we have to be conscious of how much alcohol we let our bodies absorb.

“The term “alcoholic” places the problem within the person, not within the nature of the drug.” –Sara Nash, PhD, LMHC

If possible, we should eliminate alcohol consumption before it can turn to addiction and cause severe problems with our health. We all have to be aware and take good care of our body for this is the only one we have for our lifetime.

Be sure to be healthy and try to avoid things that can do harm to our body but never forget that you could still enjoy without abusing substances.

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